Monika Krol – Meeka Fine Jewelry

Monika Krol

Camp Hill, PA

During her studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monika Krol fell in love with meticulously crafting little objects of desire while surrounded by the sounds of the studio. In the following years, Monika went on to work for two incredibly talented independent jewelers. It was through working for these women that she fell in love with materials, becoming a collector of beautiful and unusual gemstones and using luscious 18 karat yellow gold. She launched her namesake line, Monika Krol Jewelry, in 2014, in conjunction with the opening of Meeka Fine Jewelry.
Monika’s designs are simple and clean with an emphasis on the gemstones, which she complements with touches of vintage-inspired details such as bails reminiscent of watch fobs. It has been her passion to create beautiful and well-crafted jewelry to be worn and gifted with intention, to take on meaning and to become future heirlooms.

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