Meeka Fine Jewelry store is located in Camp Hill, PA right across the Susquehanna river from Harrisburg, PA. Meeka features an exceptional collection of unique, handcrafted jewelry designed by nine artisans from around the country.

This exclusive collection of artists' work can only be found in a handful of stores throughout the country. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to purchase their work here in Central Pennsylvania.

Monika Krol owns and operates Meeka Fine Jewelry. She attended the University of The Arts in Philadelphia and has worked under some of the best independent jewelers in the country, including Lola Brooks and Gabriella Kiss, whose works are featured in the store.

Along with selling her jewelry line, available exclusively at Meeka, Monika designs and creates custom pieces right in her studio at the Camp Hill store.


What does Meeka mean?

Meeka is a nickname given to me by my cousin growing up. It is a play on the way Monika is pronounced in Polish. 

The bunny?

My family is from Poland and my last name means "king" and a shortened version of "rabbit" when translated. Our great designer Jordan Stine was able to take our royal rabbit idea and create the logo you see now for the store.


Store Hours

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday  11 AM - 5 PM

Wednesday 11 AM - 6PM

Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM


2135 Market Street

Camp Hill, PA 17011