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Customer Care

We provide complimentary shipping to most US destinations for orders over $500! The Meeka team ships on Wednesdays and Fridays:

Orders will be scheduled for the soonest possible ship day based on the hours of the Meeka store where the piece is located.

Tracking details will be emailed on the actual ship day. Orders with Express Service selected should arrive 2-3 business days after tracking information is provided. Orders with Overnight Service selected should arrive the next day.

Any order placed after 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time cannot be shipped on the same day - thank you for understanding!

For insurance reasons, a signature will be required for delivery. If the driver misses you, he/she should make up to two additional attempts on successive business days. Please contact the Meeka team if you have any concerns about timing.

Outlying US and International shipping rates vary; you can view your rate before submitting an order. Simply view your cart with final selections, scroll down to the Shipping Rates Calculator, enter your destination, and click to estimate.

Please allow additional time if the item must be resized; scroll down to see our resizing policy. Complimentary shipping policy applies once per order. Any additional shipment (e.g. after resizing) will be charged at cost for the shipping service selected.

Please do not hesitate to email the Meeka team if you'd like more information, images, and/or video of a piece you're considering! It's a privilege for us to spend quality time with the collection and to help give you the truest sense for a piece before sending it your way.

If the piece ultimately isn't just right for you, make sure you DO NOT SHIP it back before coordinating the location and timing with the Meeka team via email ( or phone (717-979-5448). Thank you for your attention to this!

Items may be returned as long as the return is initiated within 10 days of purchase. Jewelry must remain in unused, unaltered, undamaged condition to qualify for a refund or exchange.

Once you coordinate return timing and destination with the Meeka team, the piece must be well wrapped and padded (allowing no movement between jewels or within boxes) and secured in a sturdy shipping box. Labels must be prepaid and fully insured with signature required.

Upon a piece's arrival and inspection, the Meeka team will initiate a refund based on that order's original payment method. (If the above conditions are not met and an exception is made to allow the return, the refund may need to be issued in the form of a Meeka Gift Card. Thank you for understanding.) The Meeka team handles every order and return personally; we will communicate details and happily answer any questions before processing.

All returns will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of $40. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed. Please note that higher rates may apply for orders returning from outside of the contiguous United States.

Returns will be processed within 24-48 hours of arrival at Meeka; an email confirmation will be sent once the refund has been initiated. Please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to post to your account.

Custom / special orders may not be returned or exchanged.

Ring resizing starts at $60 per alteration; additional fees may be charged depending on the specific piece and the process required:

Some rings can be resized onsite; cost depends on labor and any additional material needed. Others must be sent to the artist for resizing. Several styles cannot be altered - they need to be custom made to fit.

Note that sizing a ring may add additional time to your order. Please contact us directly if you would like details about resizing a specific piece. Custom orders, including resized rings, are not eligible for return or exchange.

Rings purchased elsewhere cannot be resized at Meeka. Thank you for understanding!

Determining the proper size for a ring is a nuanced process: It needs to fit snugly enough to not slip off or loosely spin, but it also has to fit over the knuckle of the finger.

At Meeka, we do this in several steps:

First, we use metal ring gauges to find the right fit. Please note: a tape measure, slip of paper, or silicone ring may help narrow down ring size, but those methods won’t give the truest feel for how a solid gold or silver ring will slide on / off and wear. Plus, a 1/4 size can translate to as little as 0.2mm difference in a ring’s inner diameter.

Then, we measure the best fitting gauge against a mandrel to confirm sizing. This helps us account for any minor variation there may be between the tool used to measure the finger (the gauge) and the tool used to resize the ring (the mandrel).

Finally, we ask a few questions about the current state of the hand / finger being measured. Since finger sizes can fluctuate with seasons, temperature and humidity, activity or injuries, etc., it’s important to confirm that the size selected isn’t materially affected by these factors!

If you’re not able to visit a Meeka store for sizing, we recommend you seek out a jeweler local to you – one with a studio onsite who can walk through the steps above. Once you determine your size and the Meeka ring you’d like to order, we will make sure to account for the ring’s build to fit your size.

If you are local to one of our stores, we’re happy to help determine your ring size – whether you’re purchasing a Meeka ring or not. However, rings purchased elsewhere cannot be sized at Meeka. Thank you for understanding!

Each piece at Meeka is designed and created to stand up to everyday wear. Even so, fine jewelry should be worn with care. We have a few recommendations to help keep your precious metals and gemstones in excellent shape:

Remove jewelry while cleaning, gardening, exercising, or any hands-on physical activity.

Do not expose jewelry to water (hand or dishwashing, showering, bathing, swimming), lotions, or hair / beauty products. It is especially important to:
Avoid submerging gemstones with closed back settings (condensation can find its way behind the gemstone, altering its appearance), and
Avoid cleaning solutions and chlorinated water, as the chemicals will leach material from metal alloys.

Store your jewels in a dry, soft space where they won’t bump, slide, crush, or tangle.

A microfiber cloth can be used to gently clean the surface of gemstones. If more is needed, please contact the Meeka team for instructions specific to that piece’s materials and build.

Additional Customer Care

If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to reach out to us below. We will be happy to provide more information!