• Shane Yamane

    Shane was born in Hawaii and has spent the last 20 years in New York.
    He founded S.Yamane Studio in lower Manhattan in 2008, where he has been creating a collection of timeless pieces that balance form, lightness, and strength into wearable heirlooms meant to last for generations.

    Largely inspired by the memories of growing up in the islands, this sensitivity to the organic movements of the land, sky, and sea are distilled into the uniquely modern jewelry and hand-carved stones he creates.

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  • Sam Woehrmann

    With a lifelong intrigue of gemstones and an interest in mathematics, Sam was lured into the metal arts. Learning to manipulate metal and work with stones has led his work into what it is today. He finds not only the amazing colors gems produce, but also their raw crystal structures, intriguing. The use of this and different color combinations of metal alloys lets him explore designs in shape as well as depths along another plane of vision.

    Being influenced by Earth’s creations and urban backdrops gives his work a strong geometric and industrial look. His jewelry training comes from numerous schools and a multitude of instructors from around the world. Having worked in the studios of two accomplished goldsmiths also molded his work into the style he presents today. He lives and works out of the Castro District of San Francisco.

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  • Rosanne Pugliese

    Rosanne Pugliese’s passion for jewelry making  started in the midst of a career in the fashion world. She was greatly influenced while designing for Calvin Klein, honing her eye for choosing luxurious, sensuous materials and using them in clean, modern and sculptural forms.

    While still inspired by the modern design movement, Rosanne’s best ideas come from spending time at the workbench combining the metal and gems until she finds that balance of lightness and fluidity that she wants the jewelry to convey.

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  • Rachel Atherley

    Rachel Atherley was born and raised in the magnificent Rocky Mountain region of Montana. Inspired by the beauty that the natural world provides, Rachel is constantly reinterpreting forms and patterns found in nature into sterling silver and gold with hand-selected gemstones. Natural shapes, patterns, and silhouettes combined with the strength and movement of metal allow her work to have a timeless sensibility through a modern perspective.

    Each piece is thoughtfully constructed in her Hudson Valley, New York, studio with an expertise that ensures every hallmarked creation will be a coveted family heirloom. Rachel’s work allows the wearer to showcase her or his own individuality through the abstract shapes and structures derived from nature. She received her BFA in Metalsmithing from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana in 2002 and her MFA in Metalsmithing from SUNY New Paltz in New York in 2005.

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  • Lola Brooks

    Lola Brooks is an artist, metalsmith, clotheshorse, and sometimes writer who studied fashion at Pratt Institute but quickly found herself drawn to the metals studio and the possibilities that the intimate scale of jewelry presented. Deciding to pursue jewelry full-time, she earned her BFA in metals from SUNY New Paltz. Fascinated by jewelry as a cultural signifier, she is influenced by historical jewels, which were often imbued with meaning far beyond the mere physicality of the object.

    She finds inspiration in the Victorian obsession with death and sentimentality, the Arts and Crafts movement, and the American art jewelry movement that followed World War II when artists resurrected an appreciation of the handmade and rejected principles of mass production. She is driven by her never-ending search for the rich variety of strange and beautiful materials she collects and her love of making beautiful things by hand.

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